OuiShare Fest 2014

OuiShare Fest Paris 2014.
During this intensive 3 days summit, people from all around the globe gather for a massive brainstorm on collaborative economy. Inbetween the conferences and workshops, they wouldn’t say no to a little bit of entertainement : there comes the OuiShapes photobooth, where visitors could come and have their picture taken while trying to build the most complex figures with the shapes! And of course, once again collaborative thinking brings up the most interesting combination…
This project was made in collaboration with the great artist and think-tanker Jenni Ottilie Keppler,
go check her website that’s an order! http://www.ottilie.cc/
All pics taken by Jenni Ottilie Keppler!

Oui to the people!

Jenni and I testing the props.

Oui Boutique